Efficient Single Screw Pump for Reliable Liquid Transfer - Buy Now

Wenzhou State Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading industrial supplier, manufacturer, and factory of single screw pump. Our single screw pump is designed to offer a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for pumping a variety of fluids, including liquids with high viscosity, pastes, and solids.

Our single screw pump operates through a rotating, low-speed helical rotor, which turns within a stationary, abrasion-resistant stator. This results in a smooth and consistent flow rate, with low pulsations, and minimal shear, providing gentle handling of delicate fluids and solids.

With a robust construction, easy maintenance, and long service life, our single screw pump is widely used in industries such as food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, and more. It is an ideal solution for pumping highly viscous fluids, which require high-pressure, low flow rates.

At Wenzhou State Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we offer a range of single screw pumps, with customizable options to match your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our single screw pumps and how they can benefit your business.
  • Introducing the Single Screw Pump, the perfect solution for transferring low to high viscous fluids with ease and efficiency. This robust pump operates smoothly and delivers constant flow with minimal pulsation, making it an excellent choice for industrial, food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Our Single Screw Pump has a simple design that comprises of a single helical screw and a casing. Upon rotation, the screw creates a vacuum, which draws the fluid in, then pushes it through the pump, creating a positive displacement. This process is highly effective in moving fluids containing solids and abrasive materials, without damaging the product. The pump is suitable for a wide range of liquid viscosities ranging from thin to highly viscous, which could contain various solid particles. Moreover, it can handle fluids with temperatures ranging from -20 to 150° C, and with a discharge rate of up to 50m3/h, making it highly efficient. This Single Screw Pump consumes minimal energy and produces low noise, reducing operational costs and promoting a safer working environment. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain with low maintenance costs due to its unmatched durability and reliability. In summary, the Single Screw Pump is an excellent solution for a diverse range of industries that require the efficient transfer of low to high viscous fluids. The simplicity of its design, coupled with its features, ensures that it remains one of the most effective solutions for all your fluid transfer needs. Contact us today to learn how the Single Screw Pump can improve your operations.
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