TPYTS Sewage Lifting Device System

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Product Characteristics

1.Specially-made PE water tank, resistant to corrosion and pressure. 2.Large capacity, and high volume. 3.High efficient cutting pump. 4.Good sealing, no leakage, and no peculiar smell. 5.Intelligent control. 6.Multi- protection. 7.Automatic operation of single pump and double pump. 8.Easy connection. 9.Convenient maintenance. 10.Safe and reliable. 11.Quiet operation.

Product Introduction

TPYTS series sewage lifting device, coming into being as an advanced application solution, is specially developed for sewage lifting treatment. It is almost applicable for drainage of all non-corrosive sewage such as reclaimed water, fecal sewage, rainwater, etc. under an environment where gravity drainage cannot be relied on. It can be used for family dwellings, such as residential housing, villa, etc., and also can be used for public places, such as clubs, gym, library, cinema, subway station,airport, hotel, KTV, bar, supermarket, factory, garden, etc. It can be used for collecting liquid from toilet waste, shower, handbasin, washer and pumping them to main sewage system, and also can be applied for collecting air-conditioning condensation water and pumping it to drainage system. Owing to its cutting type pump equipped with independent cutting device, long fiber impurities can be cut up before being pumped to main sewage pipe. TPYTS series sewage lifting system is based on concise and efficient discharge treatment technology. Equipped with water pump units of different forms and modular tank, and reserved with position for multiple input interfaces, it can meet various applications required by different functions and demands.

Performance Parameter

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