G Type Screw Pump

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Dry Operation Protector

This device is used for the protection from dry operation or over-voltage or from the both. Regardless of deficient medium of the pump inlet or over-voltage, this device will cut off the power supply of the motor and wait until it returns to normal to start the motor automatically.

EFP(N) Series

EFP and EFN series single-screw pumps fall into the category of slurry pump, which is applicable for transporting the dirty and viscous liquid,medium containing suspended matters, mud fluid, manure and. non-corrosive industrial slurry, This kind of pump is also widely applied in the water supply and drainage system. Of them, EFN series pump is provided with a hopper and a spiral feeder, which is especially applicable for transporting the medium with high viscosity.

Product Introduction

It can transport the medium with high viscosity and the displacement is stable without changing with the medium type. It boasts the self-priming performance, lower noise, reversing operation, lift head unrelated to rotation speed, low cavitation allowance, no vibration, low rotation speed and small abrasion.

Range of Application

It is applicable for transporting various media tike viscous slurry,emulsified solution, viscous starch, edible oil, honey, berry, oil residue, oil polluted water, crude oil, asphalt and colloid.

Technical Parameters

Flow Q: 2~45m³/h; Rotation speed N: 960r/min; Temperature range: 120℃; Pressure P; 0,6~ 1.6MPa; Caliber: ф25~ ф 80

Performance Parameter

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