CQF, CQB, (CQ)ZCQ Magnetic Drive Pumps

Electric power industry: condenser vacuum extraction,negative pressure dedusting. Petrochemical industry: vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization; water deoxygenation in oil extraction. All kinds of vacuum equipment in pharmaceutical industry. Altitude simulation in aeronautical research. Vacuum water diversion in water suction and discharge engineering. The vacuum system. and all kinds of vacuum acquisition process in papermaking industry. Vacuum forming of plastic and rubber. Coal and mining industry: vacuum flotation and filtration;gas drainage in coal seam. Vacuum system in tobacco industry. All kinds of PSA (pressure swing adsorption) equipment.Food packaging or vacuum drying.

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CQF, CQB and (CQ) ZCQ magnetic drive pumps (magnetic pump for short) are new products to apply the working principle of permanent magnetism coupling into the centrifugal pump, characterized by reasonable design, advanced process, full seal, zero leakage and corrosion resistance.Their performance can reach the advanced level of foreign like products. The magnetic pump adopts the static seal instead of the dynamic seal so that its flow- through parts are in a state of complete seal, thus thoroughly solving the unavoidable shortcoming of running, bubbling and dropping of the mechanical seal of other pump types. It is made of such materials as engineering plastics, corundum ceramic and stainless steel with corrosion resistance and high strength, $o it has a strong resistance to corrosion and can free the transported medium from being polluted. The magnetic pump is characterized by compact structure, attractive appearance, small volume, low noise, reliable operation and being easy for use and maintenance. It can be widely applied in such fields as chemical engineering, pharmacy, petroleum, electroplating, food, developing and printing of film and photo, scientific institutions and defense industry for drawing rare acid, alkali and oil liquids, poisonous liquid and volatile liquid as well as serving as a fitting for water circulation equipment and filter,especially for drawing the leaky, inflammable and explosive liquid. It'll be ideal for the explosion-proof motor to work with this pump.

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