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SZB vacuum pumps are cantilever and water ring type vacuum pumpsused to pump air or other noncorrosive and water-insoluble gas notcontaining solid particles. Minimum suction pressure is -0.086MPa. They arewidely used in the industries of machinery, petroleun, chemical,pharmaceuticals, foodstuff and so on, and are especially suitable for large-scale water diversion.


1. The suction and exhaust volume of the vacuum degree from 40% to 90% or the pressure from 0.05MPa to 0.15MPa varies with the amount of water supply, the gap between the impeller and the side cover, and the gap between the impeller and the side cover. Especially when the flow rate is small, if the adjustment is not accurate, it is more likely to cause small flow 2. The values in the table are obtained under the following conditions: ①Water temperature 15℃; ②Air 20℃; ③Gas relative temperature 70%; ④Atmospheric pressure 0.1013MPa 3. The performance deviation in the table does not exceed 5%)

Structure diagram

Structure diagram

Performance Parameter

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