FYS Type Corrosion Resisting Submerged Pumps

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Product Introduction

FYS type corrosion resisting submerged pumps are vertical single stage single suction centrifugal pumps used to transport corrosive liquid not containing solid particles and uneasy to crystallize. They are mainly used to transport strong corrosive media.

Product Characteristics

This pump is vertically structured, with its body and impeller submerged into the liquid for less floor area and no leakage in shaft seal, so that they are suitable to transport corrosive liquid media between -5℃~105℃.It shall be started as per the direction indicated on the pump. Never run it in reversal. Upon starting, the body of pump must be submerged into the liquid.

Type Designation

FYS Type Corrosion Resisting Submerged Pumps02

Performance Parameter

FYS Type Corrosion Resisting Submerged Pumps03

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