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Water ring vacuum pump and compressor is our company in the long-term scientific research, combined with international advanced technology, and continuously practice and verify the development of energy-efficient new products. It can be used for pumping solid particles, insoluble in water, and corrosive gases in order to form vacuum and pressure in a closed vessel. Through changing the structure of the material, can be used for pumping corrosive gases, corrosive liquid, widely used in paper making,chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, building materials, electrical equipment, coal washing, dressing. chemical fertilizers and other industries. Water ring vacuum pump with the structure of single stage single action,and has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving, reliable operation and, on the key parts of the pump shaft, an impeller,a distribution plate to optimize the design, both ball iron impeller or stamping welding impeller were after the heat treatment and in hot charging surplus before and after were balanced and dynamic balance checking, operate more stable, more excellent impact resistance, adapted to the large displacement, load and shock of harsh conditions. Water ring vacuum pump, with gas water separator, with multi position into the exhaust port,the pump cover with additional exhaust valve repair window cover,assembly and maintenance more.

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