ZX Self-Sucked Pump

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Product Introduction

ZX series self-priming pump falls into the category of self-priming centrifugal pump, which has such advantages as compact structure, easy operation, stable running, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life and strong self-priming capacity. The bottom valve needn't be mounted in the pipeline. It's only necessary to reserve a fixed quantity of guide liquid in the pump body before work, Therefore, it simplifies the pipeline system and also improves the labor conditions.

Type Designation

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Range of Application

1. It is applicable for city environmental protection, building, fire control. chemical engineering, pharmacy, dyestuff, printing and dyeing,brew-age, electricity, electroplating, paper making, petroleum, mine,equipment cooling, tanker discharging, etc, 2. It is applicable for clear water, seawater, liquid containing acid or alkali chemical medium, and generally pasty slurry (medium viscosity≤100CP and solid content less than 30%). 3. When it's mounted with an arm sprayer, it can jet the water into the air to disperse into little raindrops for spraying. SO it is a good tool for farm,nursery, orchard and tea garden. 4. It can work with any types and specifications of filter press. so it is an ideal type to deliver the slurry to the filter for the filter pressing.

Performance Parameter

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