QZ Series Submersible Axial Flow Water Pump

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Performance And Advantages

The stand-alone water pump has a large flow, a wide lift head range, a wide range of high efficiency, high hydraulic efficiency and stable performance.

Application Scope

It is applied in city water supply and drainage system as well as in water conservancy engineering like sewage treatment, diversion works, irrigation and drainage of farmland, flood control and drainage, and water circulation of’ power station.

Technical Parameters

Flow: 450~ :50000m³/h Lift head: 1~24m Motor power : 11~2000kW Diameter : 300~ 1600mm Voltage: 380V, 660V, 6KV,10KV Medium temperature:≤50℃


QZ series pumps are specially designed for large flow and low lift applications. This series of products is the result of years of practice and is a replacement product for traditional axial flow pumps. The motor and pump are combined into one, and diving into the water has a series of advantages that traditional units cannot match. 1. Multi-channel detection, multi-channel protection: oil and water probes and float switches can all be detected in real time, and can realize functions such as alarm, shutdown, and fault signal retention, making the submersible motor safe and reliable. 2. Anti-torsion device: The reaction torque of the motor's starting torque at the moment when the unit starts will often cause the unit to rotate in the reverse direction. The anti-torsion device with Nanyang characteristics can easily resolve this problem. 3. The cable is durable and waterproof: oil-resistant heavy-duty rubber-sheathed cable is used, and a special sealing structure is adopted at the outlet to prevent leakage, ensure long-term reliability, and there is no condensation in the motor cavity. 4. Safe and reliable: Two or more sets of independent mechanical seals, special friction pair materials are arranged in series up and down, providing multiple protections, long service life, practical and reliable. 5. Easy installation and low investment: The motor and pump are combined into one, and there is no need to carry out the labor-consuming and time-consuming and complicated axis alignment installation process on site, and the installation is very convenient; because the pump runs submerged in the water, the building structure engineering of the pumping station can be greatly simplified , reducing the installation area, which can save 30-40% of the total project cost of the pumping station.

Structure Diagram

QZ Series Submersible Axial Flow Water Pump02

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