ZW Self-Priming Non-Clogging Sewage Pump

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ZW type self-priming sewage pump, also known as solid-liquid pump or impurity pump. The hydraulic design of this series of pumps is unique. The impeller is shrunk in a separate impeller chamber, and the impeller chamber is connected with a pressurized water chamber. When the impeller rotates, the liquid in the pump produces a strong axial vortex effect, which causes a vacuum at the inlet and a lift at the outlet. Therefore, impurities can be discharged from the pressurized water chamber, so its flow channel is completely unobstructed, and its sewage effect is unmatched by other self-priming sewage pumps. The ZW self-priming eddy current non-clogging sewage pump produced by this unit does not need to install a bottom valve like a general self-priming clean water pump, and can also suck and discharge large solid blocks, long fibers, sediments, waste ore impurities, manure treatment and All engineering sewage. Self-priming sewage pump can be widely used in municipal sewage engineering, light industry, papermaking, textile, food, chemical, electrical, petroleum, mining and pond aquaculture and other industries. Self-priming sewage pump is currently the most ideal impurity pump for pumping solid particles, fibers, pulp and mixed suspension in China.

Working Conditions

1.Ambient temperature:≤45 ℃; medium temperature: ≤ 60℃. 2. Medium PH; 6 ~ 9 for cast iron pump and 1~ 14 for stainless steel pump, 3. The maximum diameter of passing grain is 60% of the pump diameter while the fiber length is 5 times of the pump diameter. 4. The total weight of impurities in the medium shall not exceed 15% of the total weight of the medium while the specific gravity of the medium shall not exceed 1 240 kg/m³.

Type Designation

ZW Self-Priming Non-Clogging Sewage Pump02

Performance Parameter

ZW Self-Priming Non-Clogging Sewage Pump03

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