QJ Well Submerged Motor Pump

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Product Introduction

QJ well submersible pump is a water drawing tool submerging in water to work, which integrates the motor and the water pump. It is applicable for drawing the groundwater from the deep well as well as for the water drawing engineering of rivers, reservoirs, channels and so on: mainly for irrigation of farmland, water supply for people and livestock in plateau mountain areas, and water supply and drainage for cities, factories, railways,mines and construction sites.

Main Characteristics

1. The motor and the water pump are integrated and submerged into water for operation, being safe and reliable. 2. It has no special requirements for the well tube and ascending pipe(that is, it can all be used for steel pipe well, ash pipe well, shallow well and so on; steel, rubber and plastic pipes and the like can all be used as the ascending pipe if permitted by the pressure). 3. It is easy for installation, use and maintenance, and space-effective,unnecessary to build up a pump room. 4. It is simple in structure, thus saving raw materials. Whether the working conditions and management of the electric submersible pump are proper is directly related to its service life.

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