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KTB type pump is a single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump specially designed for air conditioning and refrigeration system -Pumping hot and cold water for heat in and cooling system. -Pressure boosting system. -Hot and cold water cycle. -Liquid transfer in industry, agriculture, horticulture,etc.

Type Designation

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Product Characteristics

Dust-proof and splash-proof: protection class. IP54, a fully enclosed strueture, higher quality, and available for outdoor use. The motor's maximum working temperature is 20℃ higher than that of the common Y motors: Y2 motor and class F insulation, and the high-quality single-stage pump can still be used reliably at rated power even at 120℃. The shaft seal's service life is more than double longer: thanks to its new mechanical seal and forced circulation circulatory system, its operating environment is improved with zero leakage plus a life more than double longer than that of common mechanical seal of ordinary domestic water pumps. More energy-saving: the Y2 motor is 2-4% more efficient; with a special structure, the impeller has an excellent hydraulic model, leading to smooth flowing and small losses, thus ensuring the pump's optimal performance. Quieter: the motor is directly connected and coaxial with the pump,leading to small vibration and low noise; the motor fin shape has a reasonable layout to reduce noise, while the high-quality bearings contribute to stable and quiet operation; and the large-diameter impeller, after strict dynamic balancing, contributes to less vibration. Easier to use: thanks to its modular design and strong versatility of parts,it's easy for dis-assembly; and the pump's inlet and outlet have the same diameter while its body is supported by feet, thus resulting in stable and reliable operation. Greatly space effective: with a unique mounting structure, it's greatly space-effective and saves more than 40% of construction investment; and a low-power pump can be mounted on any position of the pipeline like a valve without any base plate, so it will not occupy any area of the pump room. Less management costs: the entire shaft plus bearings with special structures and configuration, high-quality casting, with high dimensional precision and a nice look, a strong overload capacity of the Y2 motor and other characteristics can reduce the maintenance costs significantly, extend the pump's life greatly and save management expenses by 50%-70%.

Performance Parameter

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