XBC-IS Diesel Unit Fire Pump

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Performance and Advantages

It can start unit automatically or manually, providing with such functions as automatic stop, complete alarm and display systems, adjustable flow and pressure, double accumulator feedback, as well as wide equipment pressure and flow range. It has also water temperature preheating device, S0 as to being a broad application.

Application Scope

Fire control-Fire hydrant, spraying, sprinkling & cooling,foaming and fire water monitor systems; Industry-Water supply and cooling circulation systems; Smelting- Water supply and cooling circulation systems; Military-Field water supply and island fresh water collecting systems; Heat supply-Water supply and cooling circulation systems; Public works- Emergency water drainage; Agriculture-Irrigation and drainage system.

Technical Parameters

Flow : 10~120L/S Pressure : 0.3~0.6MPa Related power : 26.5~110kW Medium temperature :≤ 80℃ PH: 5~9

Features of XBC-IS diesel engine fire pump set

●The system is independent, not easily affected by external interference, and can be put into operation quickly without being affected by the failure of mains and electrical systems. ● Sets microcomputer technology, numerical control technology, information processing technology, industrial automation control technology, communication technology and machine Mechanical technology is a high-tech product. ●It can realize diesel engine overspeed, low oil pressure, high water temperature, overload, temperature sensor failure (disconnection or short circuit), All-round protection measures such as oil pressure sensor failure (disconnection or short circuit), speed sensor failure (disconnection or short circuit) (The protection parameters of fault alarm and alarm shutdown can be set arbitrarily); the system can monitor the performance and operation parameters of the pump set in real time ●Three control methods can be realized, which is simple and convenient. Manual - Random manual field control. Automatic - Diesel engine pump set can start automatically within 15 seconds after receiving fire alarm signal, pipe network pressure setting signal, power failure signal or other start signal. Remote control - remote control through the network to the central control room for action response. ●Quick response, high reliability, direct digital control, dynamic constant pressure, constant current (or constant speed), fully automatic adaptation to the characteristics of the pipe network. Automatic alarm, automatic alarm protection for diesel engine low oil pressure (usually 0.1 ± 0. O2Mpa), high water temperature (usually 95 ± 3'C), high rotation speed (usually (120 ± 5)%) and other faults, three self-start failures Alarm and block. ●When running, it detects various operating parameters in real time, monitors the working conditions in the whole process, and can set pre-alarm and automatic failure shutdown when a fault occurs, and automatically switch with the main and auxiliary machines to avoid endangering the safety of the pump set. ●In the standby state, it can still regularly detect the backup status of the unit by itself, and can pre-alarm when there is a premonition of failure. ●Automatic charging: It has the function of automatic charging of mains and diesel engines. In the usual standby state, the system will automatically charge to ensure the smooth start of the unit. ●Automatic preheating: keep the diesel engine in a hot standby state to ensure emergency work. The flow and lift curves are flat to avoid excessive changes in pressure caused by changes in flow, and the lift drop is not greater than l2%

Basic functions of XBC-IS diesel engine fire pump set

●Basic functions of automatic pump set The vertical control panel with PLC programmable controller as the main control core, through the control module, controls the water pump and diesel pump group. Actual automatic control. ● The diesel engine is equipped with sensors for rotational speed, water temperature, oil temperature, and oil pressure, which are used to monitor the operating parameters of the diesel engine and signal sources for various alarm protections. There is a diesel engine accumulative timer on the control screen, the speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, current (charging) display, and alarm functions such as high water temperature, high oil temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, and failure to start three times. In addition, it is equipped with DC24V power supply, 220V power supply, pre-lubrication, charging (mains charging), diesel engine start, pump set running, parking and other indicators, power key switch, manual/automatic, instrument lighting, manual pre-lubrication and acceleration/ Buttons or switches such as downshifts. Button switches such as alarm silencing and reset can also be set as required. ●It has a remote control interface, which can receive start and stop commands and feedback the operation and stop of the diesel engine in the form of passive contacts. and other status signals. ●Basic functions of semi-automatic pump set The diesel engine is equipped with sensors for water, oil temperature and oil pressure, which are used to monitor the operating parameters of the diesel engine and signal sources for various alarm protections. ●Close the power switch of the diesel engine control cabinet, press the automatic start button, the diesel engine starts smoothly, and the automatic actuator is controlled by the program to automatically increase the speed to the rated working condition of the pump within 15S. The diesel engine is equipped with a stop electromagnet, which can be stopped in an emergency to protect the diesel engine. ●Basic functions of manual pump set There is no power start key and start button on the diesel engine, and the diesel engine is started by electric start. After the diesel engine is started, manually control the throttle and increase the speed to the rated working condition of the pump.

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