WFB Non-sealed Auto-control Self-Priming Pump

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WFB packing-less auto-control & self priming pump series adopt"linking" multidimensional centrifugal sealing device, being no trouble from running, emitting. dropping and leaking. Compared with similar products, its service life can be prolonged multiple due to without attrition and abrasion of sealing device during operation. This pump is provided with such various functions as temperature,pressure, attrition resistance and one flow diversion for lifetime self, priming.Being reliable self priming performance, it adopts specially electric air control valve to feature such advantages as credible operation, easy dis-assembly and installation. This pump is made of such various materials as stainless steel,reinforced polypropylene and cast steel, etc. respectively suitable for various occasions. Meanwhile, as required by users, we design them in many types like quadrate, conical and SO on for different installation modes.Explosion-proof type and outdoor type can be suitable for occasions being flammable, explosive, rainy, foggy and humid. Go-cart movable one even can take the pump to any working post required by you.

Type Designation

WFB Non-sealed Auto-control Self-Priming Pump02

Performance Parameter

WFB Non-sealed Auto-control Self-Priming Pump03 WFB Non-sealed Auto-control Self-Priming Pump04

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