GLFK Vacuum Discharge Pump

The discharge pump uses modern new technologies and new concepts to continuously revolutionize the production process of centrifugal pumps. In addition to complying with GMP requirements, traditional quality. The pump provided to the user has better performance, higher efficiency, longer service life, and greater benefit to the user.

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Application:Belong to a turbine the diversion centrifugal pump can extract the liquid of the vacuum tank under the pressure of negative pressure 0.09Mpa. Spec:3m³/h-180m³/h,0.75KW-75KW Material:SUS304,SUS316L 2205 2507 Titanium material Standard: DIN、ISO Impeller: Open type impeller, semi-close type impeller Surface treatment :The parts contacted with medium is polished,The rest are matt or sandblasted maximum inlet pressure:0.5MPa Temperature range:-10℃ to +140℃(EPDM) Flushable mechanical sealg:water pressure: Max 0.1MPa aflow rate:0.25-0.5L/min

Vacuum discharge pump motor

1. According to the configuration, the three-phase AC motors of "ABB, Siemens, TECO" brands are mainly used, which are designed and manufactured in accordance with the IEC60034.IEC60072 standard of the Electrotechnical Commission, and meet the requirements of the European Community "CE" marking. 2. Explosion-proof motors can be selected to meet the needs of different occasions. 3. Superior electrical performance, low noise and low vibration, the standard design protection level of the motor is IP55, and the insulation level is F level. 4. Working voltage: ≤3Kw,220-240V/380-420V,△/Y >3Kw,380-420V/660-690V,△/Y 5. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 6. Working mode: continuous (SI) 7. Speed: The speed of the standard pump is 2900r/min Wide range of applications: Drugs: infusion, distilled water, high-purity water, traditional Chinese medicine liquid with particles of 3-6 mm, extract; Cosmetics: dyes, alcohol, essential oils; Dairy: whey, cream, milk, sugar liquid; Beverages: alcohol, liquor , Beer, wort, fermentation broth, fruit juice drinks, beverages with pellets; others: confectionery industry, bakery industry, chemical industry, etc.

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GLFK-Vacuum-Discharge-Pump07 GLFK-Vacuum-Discharge-Pump08 GLFK Vacuum Discharge Pump

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